About Us

Established in 2008, the Construction and Development Partnership is a construction industry led development charity. We are a British based registered charity operating in London and Sierra Leone.


We have three primary objectives:

- To support the delivery of the Millennium Development Goals in relation to women and girls by promoting literacy and equipping education establishments and communities with literacy resources and training facilities.

- To improve the technical capacity of communities by providing training opportunities for young people and local artisans, both during the construction and operational stages of the facilities we are involved with. The Charity will work with local educators to develop existing technical education programmes.

- To deliver the aspirations of communities through the construction of world class processes and facilities which enable the development and resurgence of a community and region.

We are therefore aiming to support:

- the construction of learning and literacy resources centres
- the establishment of school libraries and classrooms stocked with books and furniture
- functional literacy programmes (focus: maternal and child health, business and entrepreneurship);
- teacher training programmes; (focus: improving the quality of education by enhancing literacy);
- vocational training programmes; (focus: 1 year apprenticeship programmes in construction and admin (target +16); and
- un-schooled children and young adult literacy programmes; (focus: reading for pleasure and sexual health and well being)

All our objectives will be carried out through and with local groups, organizations and governments.

To find out more about who we are and what we do, please view the following pages:

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