We are a construction industry charity enabling social and technical development through built environment projects. We believe in construction for a purpose.

We believe that one of the keys to home grown and sustainable development is technical skill capacity and it is only when these skills are enabled to grow that a society can develop itself.

We believe that the joining and sharing of skills and knowledge between countries in the North and those in the South benefit all concerned.

CODEP have approved and adopted a Charter of Ethics, which reflects its commitment to a policy of fair dealing and integrity in conducting its operations. The Charter, embraces CODEP values and requires all individuals who work on behalf of the Partnership in any capacity to maintain the highest ethical standards, ensuring that business practices are conducted in a manner which in all reasonable circumstances, are beyond reproach.

Child protection:

CODEP will abide by the European Convention on the rights of the child. The failure of the subcontractors to agree to this could result in the termination of the contract.

CODEP will seek wherever possible to further the educational achievements of young apprentices, trainees and graduates employed on any project for CODEP. However, the charity will not employ anyone below school leaving age, except where work is an essential element for any college based technical training. CODEP has a responsibility to ensure apprenticeship programmes are properly constituted and do not violate the rights of a child.


CODEP will neither offer or accept remuneration of any kind which in perception or has the effect of either a) seeks to influence the process of selection of compensation of the charity or its work, or b) seeks to affect the charity’s impartial judgement. CODEP will cooperate fully with any legitimately formed investigative body inquiring into the operations and administrations of the charity and its work.

Sustainable development:

At the heart of our purpose is the desire to build developments that are sustainable in the long term. Decisions on developments are made based on the potential social, environmental and economic opportunities they would create. We ensure that in our design and our operational proposals negative impacts are avoided.

We want to create developments that are not only financially feasible to build but are feasible to operate and maintain; developments that not only fit the social context now but also act as social and economic catalysts for improvement. We will produce facilities that have low environmental impact and encourage biodiversity.

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