The teachers of English Martyrs Catholic Primary School - Bassa Town - 10-12 February 2011

One of the most important features of the Literacy Festival was the training given by the teachers of Liverpool to the literacy co-ordinators.

The organisation of the overall training scheme was headed by Pat O’Brien, the head of English Martyrs Catholic Primary School. Her school is twinned with Bassa Town School in Waterloo in Sierra Leone.

Three teachers from English Martyrs – Mrs O’Brien, Mrs Jasper & Mrs Gillies – all travelled to Waterloo. As well as providing invaluable support for the Literacy Co-Ordinators they spent a great deal of time at Bassa Town school.

On top of this, they also found the time and energy to produce a blog. Its a fantastic record of all their experiences and we would heartily recommend that you have a look – just follow the link here

Pat O’Brien said that: “We did have a tremendous time in Sierra Leone – very satisfying, however much there is still to do. The team of teachers was just amazing in that all threw themselves into the project and overcame any small niggles in terms of practical issues. None of that mattered in the end because the teachers attending were so keen, accommodating and hungry to listen, discuss and share thoughts. We just enjoyed the whole learning experience!”

Reading their blog gives a fascinating taste of their experience.

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