5 November 2014 - CODEP & Build on Books Conclude Ebola Sensitization with Community Leaders

We set out below the text from an article from Awareness Times which is all about the Ebola education session run by Rosetta and her team in rural Buya Romende. Contrary to the impression given by the title, we have identified four more areas where similar training is still required and the next forum will be in Fogbo on Friday.

The article itself can be found here.

“In the effort to fight the deadly Ebola Nationwide, CODEP in collaboration with Build on Books has held a Forum for 150 people among which are Traditional Healers, Shieks, Imams, and Sowies with five villages in the Buya Romende Chiefdom. These villages include ROGBANEH, ROKALANGBA, MARENKA, ROBOMBEH and MAGBANA.

In his statement, Rev Fr. Verey (S. M. A), said that there is no prescribed medication for the Deadly Ebola virus but if we go by the rules of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and ready to pass on the correct information to one another, we will save our lives and the lives of our brothers and sisters. Even the children can tell their parents to wash their hands regularly.

Mrs. Rosetta N. Kargbo, in her remarks said they have met before and agreed to prevent themselves from contracting the disease.

“The disease is more dangerous than the rebel war as it is invisible. Until we accept that the virus exists and follow the rules and regulations of the Government and the Ministry of Health, it will be difficult to eradicate it”, she said.

“Now that the virus has not entered into these villages, we must ensure that we prevent ourselves. Traditional Healers must avoid healing the sick, visitors must not be tolerated, should not touch or wash dead bodies and Sowies must stop F G M and other traditional practices for now”, she emphasized.

She admonished the gathering that all movements from one place to the other should stop for now and extended warm felicitations from [supporters in the UK] and Sebastian and who prayed for the virus is completely eradicated.

Mr. Alphonsus Kargbo in his remarks gave his experience on how he fought the virus with the help of Build on books and CODEP in Kwama. He noted that he doesn’t want that to happen with his people in Buya. He reproved the people to avoid washing dead bodies.

“Washing doesn’t take one to hell or heaven. Stop hiding sick people. Send them to hospital early so that they can be cured”, he said.

The Headman, Pa Amadu Bangura thanked CODEP and Build on Books for this wonderful assistance. He confessed that it was only those two charities that have ever been to their villages to educate them on the virus and also provided food to sustain their lives.

He promised that they will do all in their powers to ensure that the virus doesn’t enter their villages.

Santigie Kabie, Head of Traditional Healers thanked the charity for their support to them. He promised that he would make sure that no traditional healer administers any treatment to the sick as they can’t tell who is positive or negative.

Nandewa Fallah, Head of Sowies promised that they will cooperate with the Government and ministry of health to fight this disease. It was unanimously agreed that a fine of Le500,000 be levied on defaulters.”

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