Autumn Term at the Chukuma Johnson Library

As we have said before, we like it when a plan comes together – especially when that plan is a simple one!

Following the rainy season, Rosetta and the team at the library have once again, following consultation with local schools, drawn up a rota to enable the youngest children from local schools in the Waterloo District to keep on visiting the Library, where they will gain extra tuition in learning to read and other key literacy skills.

This means that we will continue to be able to help well over 600 young children every month.

Our lead learners, Victor and Isatu are able to lead sessions designed to do more than just help children learn to read. One of their aims is to try and help to over come the children’s natural shyness as well as improve their fluency and literacy skills.

Rosetta tells us that the sessions are so popular that often the children stay all day – with the permission of their teachers of course!

Of course, as you can see from the photos, the classes only take up a small space. The rest of the library is there for the use of everyone and Rosetta and everyone at the library continue to do all they can to encourage everyone who does not go to school, whether they be young or old.

Ps – Is it really called Autumn Term in Waterloo? If anyone can find out, please let us know!

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