3 November 2014 - CODEP & Build on Books Donate to 160 Orphans

We set out below the text from an article from Awareness Times which is all about the regular donations of food and aid that are being made to the Ebola orphans. The article itself can be found here.

At least one hundred and sixty orphans on Thursday 29th October 2014 received their weekly food and non food items from Construction and Development Partnership (CODEP) in collaboration with Build on Books in the Western Rural District. The beneficiaries are orphan children left behind by their Sierra Leonean compatriots who lost their lives to the deadly Ebola disease in various communities in the Western Rural District.

The Logistics Manager of CODEP who also doubles as a Trustee for Build on Books Mrs. Rosetta N. Kargbo said the donation was part of their effort to eradicate the Deadly Ebola virus from Waterloo, its environs and Sierra Leone as a whole.

“We have again provided food and non food items worth millions of Leones to 160 Ebola orphans in Mabureh, Mango Farm, Lumpa, Monkey Bush, Campbell Town, Newton and Mano Koya communities”.

Madam Rosetta Kargbo disclosed adding that the weekly food and non food items were improving the lives of the orphans although they still have the trauma of the untimely deaths that met their parents.

She said that the gesture is being provided every week adding that for over a month now they have provided food items to community residents that are suffering from the Ebola disease since the outbreak started in the Western Rural District.

“We will not relent by giving support to the orphans on a weekly basis”, she maintained. The food and non food items include: tinned fish, powdered milk, biscuits, gari, sugar, sweets, fruit juices, bread, drinking water, tooth paste, tooth brush, laundry and bath soap. CODEP and Build on Books intervened and started giving assistance to Ebola affected homes in Waterloo as soon as the outbreak started ravaging the Western Rural District.

Mrs. Rosetta N. Kargbo goes out with her team every week to make these donations. She always gives counselling to orphans and encourages them to stay at home.

She has always told the beneficiaries that though they have lost their parents, but certain humanitarians living in the UK […] having been working very hard to provide the food and non food items just like their biological parents would have done for them.”

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