Diaspora Focus honour Rosetta Kargbo

Over the past few weeks, Diaspora Focus, an international humanitarian organization in Sierra Leone, has awarded a number of individuals who they had identified as having done “meritorious humanitarian work” in the fight against Ebola.

We were very pleased to learn that one of the individuals they had chosen to honour was our very own Rosetta Kargbo.

She, and her team, have worked tirelessly over the past few months to provide what aid and relief they could to those in quarantine or who had been orphaned by the virus. So this recognition is rather pleasing and in our view, very well deserved.

Of course, the fight against the Ebola virus is far from over and Rosetta and her team ran another education forum in Waterloo on 14 February 2015. Cases may be down, but it is important to keep up the vigilance.

That said, unexpected awards such as these, give everyone a small boost and we are very very pleased for Rosetta.

The Diaspora Focus is an organisation which was formed in the UK to advance the cause and welfare of Africans living abroad and returning home to better integrate and contribute meaningfully to their communities and societies as a whole. It has branches in Australia, America many countries in Africa including, The Gambia, South Africa, as well as Sierra Leone.

They like many organisations have spent they past few months helping the fight against Ebola, and we hope that there may be scope to share our respective experiences with them in the future.


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