Ebola Appeal Update - 12 October 2014

This week, there has been a further distribution of food and aid to the quarantined, whilst Rosetta and her team have been busy organising the first of our healer’s forums, which took place in Kwama, on 9 October 2014.

The traditional healers are often the front line carers. They are the first point of contact for most people. The aim is by engaging with them, we can enlist their help to guide people to the clinics. They need to know what to do – from the first phone call or point of contact with the patient through to getting them to the clinic. They need to know the symptoms and they immediately call for help and isolate the family. At the same time, the forum is intended to be an opportunity to discuss and explore roles and exchange ideas.

The forum was a success, we think. Everyone understood the dangers of treating sick people, washing of dead bodies, accepting strangers and above all else, the denial of ebola. The first reaction of the healers when shown thermometers was to think that they were guns. When they understood what they were for, they were no longer afraid.

Rosetta and her team are now turning their attention to a second, larger forum in Waterloo itself.

As importantly, Rosetta has identified a new group of people who are in urgent need of care and support, the Ebola orphans. Some of the quarantined parents, who we providing food for, have now died leaving many orphans quarantined in their homes and at the holding centre. We will provide aid for them, but also our literacy co-ordinators are going to try and carry out a survey to find out just how many there are and where they are, so that the aid effort can be as focussed as possible.

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Thank you as always

The CODEP team

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