Ebola Appeal Update - 17 November 2014

Our focus remains on two key issues:

(i) Providing relief to the quarantined and in particular the Ebola Orphans; and

(ii) Continuing to run education forums to help spread the word about the best ways to try and prevent the spread of the Ebola virus.

Whilst we apologise if our update simply sounds like more of the same, it sadly remains the case that unless Rosetta and her team continue to make their regular trips to deliver aid we are not quite sure at the moment who would do this. So our grateful thanks go as always to Rosetta, Isatu, Victor and Mabinty and their colleagues for their tireless efforts as well as to all of you who have kindly made donations.

As always, when they go out to deliver the aid, our team assess needs, check for signs of illness and count those in quarantine.

This week however there was a new development, as Rosetta was out of the blue asked to help a young boy who had been released from quarantine but who had nowhere to go. there remains considerable mistrust of and stigma against Ebola survivors and those who have been in quarantine.

This is why we have added a section to our Ebola education forums about living with, and safely living with survivors. This week our forum was in another fishing village close to Waterloo, Tombo. It is a sobering reminder of the continued spread of the Ebola virus that, until recently there had not been any deaths in Tombo. That is no longer the case.

We were pleased to be joined again by Jean Louison Miango from UNICEF and Alison Sutherland, the Commonwealth Advisor to The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development for the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Alison provided some useful feed back from the Fogbo seminar noting that:

“I think your funding to bring these people together is really valuable – everyone learns something new, and the realization that Ebola is serious and it’ll only go if everyone plays by the rules is spread. Most people have heard some key messages, but they have not been accepting / adopting them.

It is also very cost effective – [and attendees] are then expected to do a lot more as volunteers / good citizens in their communities – but it is appreciated. That all the speakers were very local – that helps too… I doubt if UNICEF and the like could run an event like this themselves with 3x the amount you are spending”

You can read her report in full here.

Next week we are in Grafton where St George’s orphanage is and we are hoping that one of their representatives can speak on ‘The Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Ebola Recovered Orphans’.

Finally, we are well aware that we cannot do this alone. We are already working closely in tandem with Build on Books and the Waterloo Partnership. Rosetta is also speaking with UNICEF. Further the World Food Programme have made a donation of food and supplies which we have put towards the next round of deliveries. Usefully the WFP’s donation included mosquito nets which can be taken round to the Ebola orphans. We have also recived some useful advice from Plan UK.

We are hopeful that through further and closer collaboration we can both reduce the burden on Rosetta and her team and also at the same time enhance and increase the support and assistance we are able to provide.

Thank you as always

The CODEP team

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