Ebola Appeal Update - 2 February 2015

Just a quick update this week. The reason for that is things are broadly unchanged.

It still seems to be the case, although there have been no new figures from the WHO since last week that the spread of the Ebola virus is at last declining. This is really encouraging. However, it is not over; and until then there is a need for care. This is why our Ebola Education Forums have continued. This week, our team were in Ngarahun which is about 23 miles outside of Freetown.

Work is also afoot, planning the bigger forum to coincide with the plans to re-open the schools. This is still likely to take place on 14 February 2015.

Finally, of course, we are continuing to help provide aid for the Ebola orphans. Thoughts must now turn to more long term considerations. How we can help provide for the future and ensure that they ae embraced back into the community. Rosetta and her team are looking to work closely with other groups to see what can be done. And we have learnt this week that one of the orphans suffers from sickle-cell anaemia -a reminder that there remains a lot to do, regardless of the gradual decline in the spread of the Ebola virus.

So cautious optimism remains the watchword!

The CODEP team

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