Ebola Appeal Update 21 March 2015: new three-day lock down announced

As we have said before, whilst the figures continue to show a decline in the number of Ebola cases, it is proving to be very (and dangerously) stubborn and difficult to eradicate.

News of 10 Americans having to return home because of concerns that they have contracting the disease, is troubling enough, but they are lucky enough to be able to return home. Liberia has now been able to declare that it has been free from Ebola for three weeks in a row, the same cannot be said of Sierra Leone. There has been a welcome decline in the number of new confirmed cases, just 55 over the past week, but there are still a number of cases in the Freetown and Western Rural areas.

This is why the government has announced a second three-day lock down on 27-29 March 2015 in the worst-hit areas, including Western Rural, where Waterloo is situated. The last curfew was considered a success, so it may just do the trick.

There is some much more positive news: we were all pleased to learn that the quarantine at the St George’s orphanage has been lifted. All the children are fine.

Further, Rosetta and our team are continuing, with the support of SLWT, their regular missions to support the Ebola orphans in Waterloo. The photos you can see were taken over the last seven days. It is really pleasing to hear how happy they are, even if (typical children!) they are not always so happy to have their photo taken!

We are so grateful that we have been able to maintain our support for these children. Indeed, everyone in Waterloo remains tremendously grateful for all your support, and continued support, in what continue to be difficult times for everyone in Sierra Leone.

The CODEP team

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