Ebola Appeal Update - 29 November 2014

Over the past two weeks we have continued to prioritize two key issues:

(i) Providing relief to the quarantined and in particular the Ebola Orphans; and

(ii) Continuing to run education forums to help spread the word about the best ways to try and prevent the spread of the Ebola virus.

As long as the current situation lasts, and we have funds, and as long as this is how we can best work to help the people of Waterloo then this is what we will try and do.

We have also continued in our efforts to link up with and collaborate with all the other organisations providing aid and relief. Registering with the Ministry of Social Welfare is but a part of becoming part of the coordinated response.

Jean Miango who works with UNICEF has been coming to the Ebola education forums and we and Build on Books are currently talking with him to see whether we can arrange further joint forums further afield.

We are also grateful to the World Food Programme (“WFP”) who donated food, blankets and mosquito nets which we were able to deliver this week.

As we have said before, Alison Sutherland, the Commonwealth Advisor to The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development for the Commonwealth Secretariat has also provided us with much needed knowledge and support.

Although our efforts at collaboration continue, it sadly remains the case that unless Rosetta and her team continue to make their regular trips to deliver aid we are not quite sure at the moment who would do this. Instead of going out and working with schools to assist with literacy, our co-ordinators Victor and Isatu are regularly going out see if there are others who need assistance. We are keeping a careful list of the orphans and those we provide aid to.

It is not just the aid and food itself, but our team assess needs, check for signs of illness and count those in quarantine. They also provide much needed emotional support

Over the past two weeks we have held two more forums in Grafton and Goderich. These forums are always well attended and as well as providing much needed advice – and we find that it is still much needed – about how to try and prevent the spread of the Ebola virus, we now also focus on living with Ebola survivors and the need to provide support and care for those left orphaned many of whom may not actually have caught the virus itself.

We are always being told by our team and friends in Sierra Leone that they are so grateful for the generous response and messages of support that they have received from everyone in the UK. We can only echo that sentiment. The Ebola virus first hit Waterloo in August, we have since that time, thanks to your help been able to provide continuous support to our team in Waterloo and we hope that this can continue.

Thank you as always

The CODEP team

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