Ebola Appeal Update - 3 November 2014

Over the past few days our focus has remained on two key issues:

(i) Providing relief to the quarantined and in particular the Ebola Orphans; and

(ii) Continuing to run education forums to help spread the word about the best ways to try and prevent the spread of the Ebola virus.

As we have indicated before, Rosetta and her team have all been out delivering aid, assessing needs, counting those in quarantine. They estimate that there are over 150 Ebola orphans: orphans we have made a commitment to support.

Our colleagues in Waterloo make regular trips to the market to buy food and then bring it to the library and make up food parcels, to ensure that the young and sick do not have to prepare the food themselves. They then go out and deliver the aid themselves. Many are housed in remote areas and as you can see Rosetta has had to learn how to drive a tractor to ensure that every area can be reached.

We are of course trying to work with other groups to try and find an at least semi-permanent solution to the problem of the Ebola orphans. Clearly they cannot stay home alone, but currently there is nowhere for them to go. Even if there was, then there is the question of ensuring safe transport, as no-one knows for sure, if they have the virus or not. We will let you know how we get on in finding a solution. But for the time being, our work goes on to provide food and basic relief.

Providing aid and relief is pretty much a full time occupation, but Rosetta and he colleagues have also found the time to continue with their education forums. On Friday they were out in rural Buya Romende, which is part of the Port Loko district.

We were pleased to be joined by Jean Louison Miango from UNICEF and we will continue to collaborate with them.

We have identified five other remote areas where education forums for the traditional healers and chief are needed. Rosetta has set herself a tight timetable and we will work with her to ensure that it is achieved.

As you may know, we have prepared a newsletter highlighting what we have been able to achieve over the past few weeks. In particular we wanted to highlight and pay tribute to the tremendous efforts of our team in Sierra Leone who have been at the forefront of the efforts in Waterloo to try and prevent the spread of Ebola.

You can find our newsletter here. Please feel free the pass the newsletter on.

If you have any comments, or ideas please let us know. And as always, if you would like to donate, please go to our Just Giving Page.

Thank you as always

The CODEP team

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