Ebola Appeal Update - 5 December 2014

It is nearly one year since the first Ebola case was recorded in Guinea. However things are not getting any easier in Sierra Leone and the figures, especially for Freetown show that the number of cases continues to steeply rise.

Whilst the main focus for the current international relief effort understandably continues to be with the medical side – providing treatment centres with the aim of brining the spread of the virus under control – on the ground in Waterloo we continue to provide relief to the quarantined and in particular the Ebola Orphans. We now have a list of over 200 orphans.

The three orphans pictured below are the chldren of a nurse.

As long as the current situation lasts, and we have funds, we will continue to support these children. We are also working with other organisations to see how we can best collaborate to provide not only food and relief but some form of long term support and care network.

Our next forums are going to be held in the areas where there are the most orphans as we want to stress to the local communities that it is safe to embrace these children (and other Ebola survivors) back into that community. We continue to work with the local council and UNICEF in deciding where these forums should take place.

We also attended a meeting at the Sierra Leone High Commission on Thursday 2 December 2014. It is good to meet up with a number of people who are working in other areas to support the Sierra Leone community and we think that we have made some useful contacts for future collaboration. We are grateful to the High Commission for taking the time and trouble to organise the meeting.

We are also grateful for the continued support that we have received from CODEP’s friends. As we have said before, without your assistance we would not be able to provide the resource to enable Rosetta and her team to go out and provide the aid and relief that they have done to date.

Thank you as always

The CODEP team

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