Ebola Appeal Update - 9 February 2015

The gradual decline in Ebola cases seems to be continuing, if you take a relatively long term view. The latest statistics from the World Health Organisation are still showing a decline – which is good. There were just 80 new cases for the w/e 4 Feb (albeit is was 65 the week before, the previous week was 117). The Western Rural District, where Waterloo is situated, saw a reduction in new cases, with 7 confirmed cases reported compared with 16 the previous week.

However the WHO website also shows the need for care. In Guinea, an unsafe burial took place in early January in the eastern prefecture of Lola, on the border with Côte d’Ivoire. That one burial has so far resulted in an outbreak of 11 confirmed cases.

This is one reason why we have held so many Ebola education forums. As you may recall, preparations are in full sway for the forum, especially for teachers on 14 February 2014.

You may also recall that last week we mentioned the young Ebola orphan with sickle-cell anaemia. We are pleased to report that our friends at SLWT have taken over care for the child. We are equally pleased that the SLWT have indicated that they will do their best to take over care of the youngest orphans, under the age of 5. Rosetta has said that there are approximately 50 such children. We are very grateful for the support from SLWT.

Of course, there remain many more Ebola orphans in Waterloo, and we are working with Rosetta and our friends at Build on Books to ensure that proper long term care is put in place for these children.

The CODEP team.

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