Ebola Appeal Update - Working Together - 28 September 2014

Thank you again from everyone at CODEP both in Sierra Leone and the UK for your continued support and generous response to our Appeal.

Rosetta and her team are continuing with their tireless efforts to carry out further ebola preventative training sessions and looking to see where relief to the quarantined and those in need is most required.

The “Ose to Ose Ebola Tok” lock-down – where volunteeer health workers are intending to go house-to-house identifying cases and raising awareness of Ebola – has come to an end. Further bodies and ebola cases were found in Waterloo. 11 houses in Kwama have been quarantined and Rosetta has reported that areas around Anifa Drive, New London at Lumpa, Morabi, Mapari, Monkey Bush and the other outskirts of Waterloo need to be quarantined. You can see from the photo of some of our aid, just what being in quarantine is like.

On Friday 26 September 2014, CODEP, along with our friends from the Waterloo Partnership and Build on Books were invited by the Hon. Claude Kamara to a meeting with the District Health Management Team and Stakeholders of the Western Area Rural District.

The Health Team appealed to all NGOs to continue their support with food to quarantined homes, education and preventive measures. There is concern that the number of cases are increasing every day. Rosetta is trying to obtain statistics of the quarantined homes so that we can target the money that has been generously donated to provide food items, maybe some clothing and buckets and soap for those areas.

Where we can we are pooling resources whether funds, people or supplies with the Waterloo Partnership and Build on Books to try and ensure that the aid we are able to provide is as widely spread as possible.

Our Chukuma Johnson Children’s Library is now being used to provide a base for the secure storing and distribution of food supplies and aid.

The evidence from Sierra Leone is that the number of ebola cases is continuing to increase, so we are all well aware that there is certainly no end in sight. We will therefore continue, where we can to provide further aid and assistance.

Howver to do that, we do rely on your continued support.

If you would like to donate, please go to our Just Giving Page.

Thank you as always

The CODEP team

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