Ebola Appeal Update - the Schools are open again!

Some good news!!!

First there is room for cautious optimism as the indicendence of Ebola continues to drop. The World Health Organisation has reported just nine confirmed cases for the past two weeks in Sierra Leone. In Sierra Leone, cases were reported from 3 western districts: Kambia (4 cases), Port Loko (1 case), and Western Area (4 cases), which includes the capital, Freetown and Waterloo.

And … this continued fall is the major reason why on 14th April 2015, the schools reopened across Sierra Leone some nine months after they were closed because of the Ebola outbreak. To begin with, it was reported that school numbers were down, and understandably one of the first steps was to reinforce the lessons that have been learnt over the past few months about how to avoid and stop the spread of Ebola.

We hope that the Ebola Education forums will have played a part in reminding teachers and pupils alike of what needs to be done.

However the threat from Ebola still remains and vigilence must be the continued watchword. We can, perhps, however allow ourselves to think what we can do to hlpe rebuild the Waterloo community and we shall be working with our freinds and colleagues at Build on Books and the Waterloo Partnership to see how we can help.

And of course, we are continuing to care for the Ebola orphans, together with SLWT. Rosetta and her team continue to make regular donations of food and supplies. Build on Books, arranged a small donation to provide uniforms for the orphans so they too could join their friends back at school.

The next step here must be to establish a more long term care programme for the orphans.

But, the schools re-opening is a major step forward. The government of Sierra Leone’s has announced that its four key priorities on #EbolaRecovery are i) Back to school, ii) Access to health services, iii) Protection, iv) Growth. that sounds sensible to us, and with the first goal now achieved, let’s all hope that the small postive steps that our now being taken can continue.

That said, we must all remember that Ebola has not quite been eradicated. Until that time, care and vigilence must be maintained at all times.

The CODEP team

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