Ebola tragedy at St George's Orphanage

Just when you think, that maybe, just maybe, the Ebola virus is under control, you recieve a terrible reminder of just how terrible the virus can be.

As many of you will know, CODEP has close links with St George’s orphanage which is situated betwen Freetown and Waterloo.

We have visited the orphanage and donated books. We have also got to know some of the people who work with the charity ascoaited with the orphange, both in Sierra Leone and the UK.

We were therefore deeply sadded to learn of the death of Augustine Baker who worked at the orphanage.

The orphanage was set up in 2004 and, until the Ebola outbreak, was mainly concerned with rescuing street children. Since the Ebola outbreak it had looked after many of the Ebola orphans.

We understand that Augustine contracted Ebola while being treated at the Hastings Treatment Centre for typhoid and malaria. After keeping him over-night in a room with patients, who were also under observation, healthworkers gave him the all-clear and sent him back to the orphanage.

The orphanage staff picked him up when he collapsed a few days later and took him for treatment. They thought it was safe to touch him because they thought he only had malaria and typhoid. Sadly it was far worse.

The thirty-three children and seven staff at the St George Foundation orphanage have been in quarantine since Mr Baker was diagnosed with the deadly Ebola virus.

You can find out more about the tireless efforts of Mr Baker to help the Ebola orphans in two BBC articles here and here

All our thoughts are with Mr Baker’s family and the chldren and staff at St George’s who are currenlty under quarantine.


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