Further Teacher Training From Our Friends in Liverpool

We are pleased to be able to report that during their annual visit to Waterloo, the teachers from Liverpool, once again took time out to provide training for some of the teachers from the Waterloo and Lunsar/Port Loko regions. They have done this now for the past four years and we know that their efforts are greatly appreciated by all the teachers in Waterloo.

Before the Liverpool teachers came, Rosetta held a series of meetings with teachers at the local school all of whom requested the inclusion of mathematics and science in the programme of teaching activities. The teachers from Liverpool were more than willing to help.

Our plan, as before is that the teachers who were trained will act as facilitators to train the other teachers in workshops over the next few months.

We were also really pleased to learn that our Library staff members were trained in story-telling. We hope that they will be able to encourage non-school going children to be coming to the Library. As you can see from the pictures, pre-school children and their parents were invited to the Library and story telling classes were held. We hope to continue to try and encourage parents to bring their children to the Library for story telling classes.

Indeed, our librarians have now been given the task of providing story telling to non-school going children, nursery school children, and adults. They will be able to use some of the teaching aids were left in the library for them to use by the Liverpool teachers in their teaching.

Everyone at CODEP in the UK and Sierra Leone would like to express their sincere thanks to all the teachers from Liverpool who provided the training. They have many other commitments of their own in Waterloo, and the fact that they are able to devote some of their valued time to helping us is much appreciated and valued.

So thank you all, especially to the teachers from All Saints Primary, English Martyrs Primary, Maricourt High School, Rimrose Hope Primary School and Winnick Primary School.

The CODEP Team

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