James Jajua: 1964 - 11 October 2014

According to Channel 4 news, Sierra Leone had 170 doctors for 6m people before the Ebola epidemic. Now 60 of them have died.

It is not just the doctors. We are saddened to report that James Jajua, the Community Health Officer for Waterloo has tragically died from Ebola. If you have been reading our weekly updates, you will have seen that James Jajua placed himself right at the forefront of the efforts to combat the spread of Ebola. Yet at the same time as acting as an Ebola Surveillance Officer he continued to act as a doctor caring for the sick at the Health Centre and out in the community.

David Lloyd, Chair of the Waterloo Partnership has prepared a moving tribute to James Jajua, and we would urge you to click here, to read his words in full.

Our thoughts are very much with James’ wife Fatima and their four children, and to the unborn child that Fatima is carrying.

Everyone at CODEP

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