A message from Rosetta: living under the shadow of Ebola

It is difficult for us in the UK to understand what living in Sierra Leone at the moment is like. Today we received a note from Rosetta which graphically brings home the hardships. We set out her words in full below:

Waterloo: Saturday 20 September 2014

Thank you very much for your support at a time the country needed
you most. We have started the three day lockdown. It is really not easy for one to be kept in one place as a prisoner. If that is the price we have to pay for our lives to be saved am happy for that. Because of the lockdown, 7 dead bodies were discovered at Monkey Bush at the outskirts of waterloo . That area was quaranteed.
My only worry is that there are more quarantined homes that need food. Because of the percentage of illiteracy of some of our people, especially in the remote villages. they accept false rumors and keep infecting people.

We need to do more sensitization and provide buckets and disinfectant as preventive measures for the outskirts of waterloo. It is going to be education and food.

We were out with Hon Claude yesterday taking food to the quarantined homes. It is really terrible. The message I gave to those people was to be of good courage and that there are humanitarians out there like you people that care for them. To be honest with you I found out that these people needed good care and good nutrition. that will even build up their immunity to resist the virus. Even at the treatment centers where the confirmed cases are taken to, this is the challenge they are facing.

There was a confirmed case on a lady working at the central bank. The bank gave her full support, provided her beddings, food and all that she needed when she was taken to the eastern part of the country to be treated. Thank God it was detected early, she survived it. Now she is back to work. She also confirmed that patients needed good care for them to survive the virus. Now if one has a little temperature, it becomes a nightmare. Last week I had slight temperature. I had to tell everyone at home not to come close to me.

When my husband wanted to feel my temperature I told him not to touch me.When I called the C.H.O. he told me to get malaria drugs. When I took them I was O. K.. People are afraid of reporting to the health workers when they are sick. That is what I have been preaching during our sensitization sessions. It is not every rise in temperature or vomiting that is Ebola. Some people die of other diseases just because of fear.

God bless you


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