A message from Mabinty: living under the shadow of Ebola

As we have noted before, it is difficult for us in the UK to understand what living in Sierra Leone at the moment is like.

Claire Curtis Thomas, one of our trustees has very close links with a family in Sierra Leone. In Claire’s words: “we adopted each other 11 years ago”.

Claire recently posted on facebook, one of the mesages she had recently received from Mabinty, part of that adopted family. Her words say all that needs to be said:

“Good Morning my darling, Today is Claire’s birthday. The children whom I am caring for are orphans. They dont have any Mother and Father. They are doing very well in school; that is why I am assisting them. There is only one ebola hospital opened locally at Hastings. Right now Freetown is terrible; if someone died, the ebola respond team will not come in time to take the dead body.

Presently we are living under God’s protection because what we are hearing in our local news is different from what we hear on international news. Every day there are new cases of effect ebola persons.

We will surely wash our hands regularly. We dont go to funeral or sick persons. God bless you xxxx


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