Meet our lead learners

As well as running our library, our team in Waterloo and Port Loko work with teachers in the schools where we have set up libraries. This is where our Lead Learners or Literacy Auditors come in.

Here are – from left to right – Frank, Isatu and Victor.

Frank is based in Lunsar and Port Loko, whilst Isatu and Victor look after the schools in Waterloo. As we have said before, we do not think it is enough simply to deliver the books to the schools of Waterloo and Lunsar, we want to help the teachers deliver a culture of literacy. Frank, Isatu and Victor play a valuable role in this. They are our link with the schools and teachers.

They visit every one of the schools where we have established mini-libraries on a regular basis, check the books and being used and find out from the teachers what more we can do to help.

In part they are there to audit the books you have donated in the strict sense of the word, but much more importantly are also there to provide support to the teachers and to work with them to make the most out of the books.

They also have another important role. They provide us with regular reports which are an invaluable aid to everyone here in the UK in helping us understand how things are going and what else needs to be done.

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